CV of Justin Lang

2011: Gone Before You Know It

Published in PLSN Magazine; December 201

2011 is rapidly coming to a close. The halls are decked, the tours are in, but the lights are not ready to dim. There are still holiday events to light, and good cheer to spread. How will you spend the rest of 2011?  As we prepare to close the books on one hell of a year, it’s time to step back, look at where we have been and prepare for another banner year. Did you make the most of this year?

Overall, time felt as though it moved quicker than it ever has for me. 2011 was a big year. I came on early in the year as the editor of PLSN Magazine. Since then, it has been pedal to the metal. Month after month, filling the pages of PLSN with news and information from around the industry, blogging and sharing photos and videos on Attending trade show after trade show and countless local events. Time flies when you are having fun.

In 2011, as an industry, we had ups and we had downs. Something that still weighs heavy on our minds are the accidents that happened over the summer.  It was a dim moment in our field as the national and international media outlets put the spotlight on some of the worst moments of our profession.  We will not forget our fallen brother in Indianapolis any time soon.

As an industry, we learn from our mistakes. Accidents happen, being prepared, knowing the signs of trouble and educating others and ourselves will help us guard against tragic accidents.  Try as we might, we can never guarantee a totally accident-free future. The world has too many surprises. What we can do is to be mindful of the worst and take steps to prevent it from happening, every single day.

Over the last year, we have seen a wide spectrum of productions, from the biggest and best tours to special events, the hottest clubs across the country and productions for film and television. We have gained insights from leading LDs on their design process, from top programmers on their craft, from business owners on how to survive in turbulent times and more. And we are not just reporting the news and information from around the industry. We are right there in the trenches working along side you.

This year has been a breakout year for product development as well.  Each year, LEDs get better, brighter and more commonplace in our rigs. We have seen a theatrical production completely lit by LEDs. It can, and has, happened! Next year, the race for supremacy in the LED leko and profile markets will undoubtedly intensify.  There are already market leaders out there, with more in the works and development nearly completed. Will a true ellipsoidal replacement fixture come to market in 2012? Or has it already? The answer for that one may be in the eye of the beholder.

What else will 2012 bring us? It is hard to say. There will certainly be more LEDs, that is a given. Will there be a new breakout product that will make us drool with delight, clambering for a taste of the sweet lumens it will produce? What about video, will we begin to see new horizons and products?

While a guarantee is only as good as the person standing behind it, I can assure you, 2012 will be jam-packed with good news and products galore. Just like previous years, we will have our ups and downs. In the end, 2012 can only get better. The economy seems be on an upswing — okay, more of an up-crawl — but an upturn nonetheless.

During the holiday season, take time for yourself and look back at 2011. What has happened, what can we learn for our triumphs and our mistakes? Learn and grow from there. Start the next year on the right foot.

While you are taking time for yourself, remember those we have lost in 2011. Celebrate their lives with those closest to you, our friends and family. The holiday season is a festive time of sharing good times, memories and all that we have to be thankful for in our lives. As 2011 comes to a close, everyone at PLSN wishes you a Happy Holiday season and a Bright New Year.

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