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Zero Day List

101 Things in 1001 Days

Recently on the internet, I became aware of a new “project” called Zero Day List. It is basically 101 things that you would like to accomplish with in 1001 days. Things you want to try and add are things that are measurable or have a goal at the end. It’s your own list so anything on it goes. So, here I go, I am going to start my own Zero Day List that I plan on starting on a very good day, August 30, my birthday! From there I have 1001 days to complete EVERYTHING I have listed.

Start Date:
August 30, 2008
Completion Date: May 28, 2011

  1. Love More, Hate Less
  2. Stop Swearing
  3. Be Smoke Free
  4. Lose 50+ lbs.
  5. Reduce pants size to 36 or better
  6. Exercise at least 3 days a week
  7. 100 sit-ups
  8. 50 push ups
  9. Replace Soda with Water
  10. Go one month with out eating fast food
  11. Get a physical once a year
  12. Get an ecocardiograph
  13. Learn to sign language
  14. Learn German
  15. Read 1 book a month
  16. Read all of Janet Evonovich – Stephanie Plum Series
  17. Read the Constitution and all 25 Amendments
  18. Read the Bible
  19. Blog once a day
  20. Start project 365, Self Portrait a day
  21. More photos of Renee and I
  22. Carry my camera with me everywhere and take spontaneous pictures.
  23. Learn how to and make beer
  24. Learn how to and make real BBQ
  25. Learn and play Craps
  26. Learn about America’s beginning
  27. Complete autobiography in one day
  28. Write, Design and produce book from
  29. Start a line on
  30. Take Renee REAL camping once a year`
  31. Take Yoga class with Rybak
  32. Take Renee Sailing
  33. Take Renee to play pool
  34. Take Olivia Sking
  35. Baby sit Olivia and Griffen
  36. Visit Jason and Krista in Seattle
  37. Visit dad and pat in St. Louis
  38. Visit all the Smithsonians again
  39. Visit this list of Restaurants around area
  40. Goto A Nascar Race
  41. Go to a comedy club
  42. Volunteer at dog shelter at least once
  43. 6 month Salary Savings
  44. 12 Month Salary Savings
  45. Start and invest 10% in IRA (JRLDesign)
  46. Invest $5000 in stock market
  47. Add Renee to My Accounts
  48. See a financial Adviser
  49. Pay off Passat
  50. Pay off Student Loans
  51. Be debt Free
  52. Create new budget
  53. Don’t spend any money for one week.
  54. $10 for each completed, $25 for each not completed
  55. Buy a house
  56. Buy a dog
  57. Buy a new bed
  58. Buy a video camcorder
  59. Buy Renee Flowers at least 12 times
  60. Produce one podcast a month for a year
  61. Produce one video podcast a month for a year
  62. “Produce” a new musical artist with garageband
  63. Design and launch each domain name I own
  64. Design one Widget a month for a year
  65. Design one WordPress theme a month for a year
  66. Start a new cartoon
  67. Make JRLDesign $25K in the Black
  68. Increase JRLDesign’s google rank
  69. Learn Ruby on Rails
  70. Learn AJAX
  71. Complete the Live Free Project
  72. Take another class at Art League
  73. Sell my photos online
  74. Meet Vonster
  75. Design and possibly built my desk
  76. Organize iTunes library with complete META data
  77. Tag all my photos in our gallerys
  78. See all 100 for AFI’s top 100 movies (using 2007 list) – (23/100)
  79. Own and listen to RollinStones All Time Top 100 Rock Songs
  80. See all Oscar Nominated movies for year
  81. See one Broadway Show a season
  82. See one Nationals game a month a season
  83. See up Lady Liberty’s Dress
  84. Go hunting with the Karchers
  85. Go Fly fishing with Andy
  86. Get Married
  87. More Sex
  88. Convert all DVD’s to iTunes
  89. Complete current Netflix Que (over 300)
  90. Make a will
  91. Make a Lang/Karcher Family Tree
  92. Cook Dinner once a week
  93. Go 100% Mac (personal and professional)
  94. Pip out Mac Pro
  95. Backup my digital life
  96. Give Blood
  97. Volunteer at the ASPCA
  98. Break under 90 in golf
  99. Get rid of everything I do not use
  100. Host a poker night
  101. Make a new 101 list