CV of Justin Lang

Laser Cut Paper, who would have thought!

I just recieved the latest issue of How Design Magazine.  Of course with my busy schedule I have not had time to read it.  Well, with my train ride tomorrow, I will have plenty of time to catch up with it and my newest magaize subscription, Maxium!!

I was packing up my bag yesterday with everything that I might need for the trip these next two days and though about taking out all those fucking subscription cards out of my How magaizine.  That was I don’t litter alllll over the train.  So I noticed a rather big insert with rather thick paper and an interesting cut out.  It def got my attention.  While it was not the excat same thing pictured above, it was just as detailed!  So this has me thinking about another promotional idea for Barbizon!!!  Now I just have to do some research and cost comparisons!

Check this stuff out, pretty neat!

Silicon Apartment

Running around the blogs again today, I came across a great technology/apple/microsoft cartoon that is pretty dam funny!  I have always loved the Joy of tech over at the Geek Culture.  And this new one that I found, The Silicon Apartment is very similar.  Hell, at times they look too similar!

I would def recommend adding this one to the bookmarks!  But be warned, there is language in use.  Don’t take my word for it, listen to Walt!