CV of Justin Lang

JLD Gets ANOTHER URL and New Photo Cards


Have you been over to my company page lately, ( Photo work has exploded over there!  I have a number of new galleries for the past few months.  A bunch of the work has been taking photos for DJ’s in the DC market.  It involves late nights, but thanks to an understanding wife and puppy, they don’t mind.  I just have to keep paying the Netflixs bill and they’ll be happy.

Doing these club photos, I quickly realized that the people I am taking photos of, want to see them.  Of course, like any good business man I had business cards on me to hand out.  But they are my old dual purpose cards for the design firm and my iSquint blog. Yes, I am still regretting the choice to combine them into one.  Honestly, I made it confusing for anyone that received one.  Something else that will be fixed sooner than later.

To help people find their photos that I have taken from that night, I created a simple business card that tells them two things

  1. Thanks for the smile!
  2. Where they can find the photos when they get home.

On the back of the card, I included a url for the nights events. Now I didn’t print “personalized” cards for each event. That would be CRAZY expensive and also, I don’t always know when or where the next event will be. So I left room to write in a quick detail where people can place that entire url into a browser and find the photos.  Yes, I’ll have to write them in, but I can do that at the start of the night. Why this way?

Mainly because of the new, shorter url that forwards to the main company page, (  I was worried that people might put in, which is NOT mine, is though.  So the url on the back clearly explains the correct url to find photos.  I did the shorter url as putting the main domain name, ( is a “mouth” full and a bunch of characters to type in.  Also, the new url explains in a bit more detail what this segment of the business is.


Last thing, you’ll notice that going forward, all proofs will have the new url on the bottom right. In addition, I took a tip from another photographer and placed a different kind of watermark over the photos at about 15% transparency… my thumbprint! Why, while I want to share the photos and allow everyone to see them, I don’t want them to crop out my url and share the photos everywhere. So, over top is my thumbprint to protect my work and HOPEFULLY persuade people to purchase prints!

JLD Gets a New Design


After a couple months of development and finding time to work on things.  I am proud to show off my new site design for Justin Lang Design.  It is a basic shell at the moment with new features being added as time allows.  For now though, you get the basic idea of what we offer over there.

Another Time lapse – Backyard Afternoon

I have been doing a fair bit of video shooting and editing lately!  Why, for work of course!  I don’t want to say I am that great at it as I am still learning the ropes.  Not just shooting, but the most important part, editing!  I got it into my head that I could use one of my GoPro camera to do a time lapse of some stuff that I had coming up.  After some research and playing around, I think I have it figured out.

Here is a time lapse of our backyard from noon to noon.  I cut a fair bit out from the evening as it really didn’t like the dark.  Expect more testing and playing around to ensue!

My Own Pintrest

So you may have noticed that I have not written as much as I use to do… Which still was not a whole bunch here on my own blog.  A lot of what I posted was personal ideas, interest and recipes.  Not really what I want my personal blog to be about.  Things like that belong in what I use to call a morgue.  A collection of ideas and photos about different things I had in my mind.

I was turned on to Pintrest by my wife and was quickly turned off by how limited it was and how it relied on others to “socially” interact with it.  I don’t care if people like or want to comment on my pintrest boards.  It’s not for them, it is for me! So, away went pintrest and I began to build my own. It is still very basic at the moment. But, as free time comes around, it is something I update and work on.

So, you will notice I have started to add the morgue ideas over on my pin board.  I’ll leave my personal blog for what it is suppose to be… A BLOG! ;)  Check out my pin board, don’t expect to interact with it though. ;)

If you like it and think the same way I do about pintrest… I might be able to share my work and provide you with your own pin board. Just shoot me an email.

LEDs Out The ASS!

I worked an interesting job last night that required soo many LED fixtures for simple up lighting. It took forever to setup for a dinner that was for just under 25 people and 2 hours. Little excessive?

I don’t care, I had fun! I just wish they wanted more then pinks, purples and blues.

Changes Are Coming

These are exciting times that we live in.  There are a whole host of reasons for this, but in my life, a change is happening that makes it exciting for me and Renee.  At the current moment, I have to give you as little information as possible as somethings need to be announced by others before I can talk about it.

I hate to leave you in the dark, just know that a big announcement is on it’s way. I promise that this is good. And no mother, it is not a baby! ;)

Wedding of Jenn & Ryan Stienbiser

I just added some of my favorite photos to my design site, Justin Lang Design, that I took while at a friends wedding last week.  Yes, I broke the rule of shooting a friends wedding while being a guest, but I enjoy doing it! I of course was not the photographer for the wedding, but I still had a fun time doing it.

Congrats once again to the happy couple!

In Honor of William Robert Lang

In memory of my late grandfather that pasted away May 6 of this year, I am changing the header image of the site for a bit.  While the image doesn’t show him or signify him, it is of one of his favorite views in the world.

The photo was taken from my grandfathers house in Copper Harbor Michigan, over looking Lake Fannie Hooe.  This is the magnificent view that you get from looking out the front window or standing on the deck overlooking the lake.

I have many many great memories up in Copper Harbor, and many of which are of Curley and grandma Lang. Spending time in the upper peninsula has always meant something special for me.  I am lucky enough to have someone in my life that shares the understanding of such a wonderful and remote place.  Like I mentioned to my father, this is only the beginning of another generation of Langs enjoying what my grandparents started.

You can view a selection of the 1100+ photos that I took during my 3 days in the harbor by going to

On Location With the Ion


So where has Justin been in the past couple of days?  The Kennedy Center right here in DC.  I was brought in to train the guys at the Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center on their new Ion lighting consoles from ETC.  Talk about being in aw.  It is quite amazing being in the space that not only is the site of the National Symphony Orchestra, but also the Kennedy Center Honor Awards where large number of big names come through.

It was quite the experience going through the consoles features with your back to the stage and looking towards the house.  It really felt like I was performing in one of the greatest houses in the world.

New Monster: Peggie


This is Peggie, the Penguin.  While she really isn’t a “Monster”, I am adding her to that collection for the time being.  While stumbling last night I came across I penguin similar to this and thought, I bet I can remake her in my own style, so I did. I must say, she is quite lovely!