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Apple Tablet Coming in January…

Apple Tablet Computer

Photo From: Gizmodo

OK, it is time to get those apple rumors going again about a new Mac computer or better yet, an apple tablet!!! Think of it as a larger iPhone or iPod Touch.  This is some exciting news, but there are a couple of things….

1: Will it be a computer or will it just be a larger iPhone, sort of like a portable media player or something along those lines?  I vote or want a computer based tablet that runs OSX and not the iPhone OS.

2:  WTH everyone.  If you are going to start the rumor mill up again about the Apple tablet, lets stay consistent with the size of the damn thing.  Once site speculates that it will be 10″ and the other 7″ and yet another site saying that there will be one of each with a third unknown size.

Let’s get the stories straight people and not just add on to what other people have already speculated.

BTW: did i mention I am hella excited to see these rumors again?!?

New Monster: Peggie


This is Peggie, the Penguin.  While she really isn’t a “Monster”, I am adding her to that collection for the time being.  While stumbling last night I came across I penguin similar to this and thought, I bet I can remake her in my own style, so I did. I must say, she is quite lovely!

Is Apple Thinking About Our Wallets?

apple_netbook_conceptWith these rough times that we are in fincially, has Apple given in and ready to make an “affordable” laptop?  Pictured above is a concept of an apple netbook.  Before Steve Job’s went on medical leave  from the company, he said that Apple would not be getting into the netbook computer game.  With Netbooks gaining popularity more and more, is apple ready to given in and produce something similar to what is pictured above?  Time will tell.

I am still hoping for a tablet idea like pictured below!


Super Sweet – Oct 14 is a GO!

Ladies and Gentleman, we have confirmation on the October 14 Apple event to announce a new Macbook and HOPEFULLY a MBA refresh.  Here are the links around the blogosphere…

Via – John is gloating about this one!!! – They even analized the photo to gues the size of the notebook pictured..WTF

Hurry Up October 14th!!!

October 14th could not come any quicker!  It is rumored that Apple will be announcing a new line up of note books.  Pictured above is a “leaked” photo of what the new Mac Book line will look like.  While there are people that think that this photo is a fake, it only flames the fire.

I am still hoping that the MBA line will be updated with a speed bump and larger harddrive.  Ony time will tell!  And yes, I did steal this photo.

MacBook Prototype – DEBUNKED

I saw this the other day and got all kinds of excited.  Seemed like there was a leaked photo of the new MacBook notebook in the wild.  At first glance you would think it was a dishonest and STUPID apple employee that took a photo and then posted it to the interent.

But cheking back a little later, the photo has been debunked.  First, what apple employee would be stupid enough to take a photo like this and leak it?

Next, why are all leaked or rumored photos about new products so graining and crappy?  Most digital cameras these days take pretty fucking awesome photos, hell even the iPhone can take some nice photos at 2.0 megpixels!

Next, look at the track pad… It has a dock reflection in it, but the screen has no dock area on the bottom… WTF?!?!?!

Interesting Rumor Mock Up

Running around the apple blogs today, I found this interesting rumor mock up from a fellow mac fan.

What is neat about this “mock up: is the rumored glass track pad.  Not quite sure how that works, but it looks pretty sexy with the contrast of black to go along with the black keyboard.

Then on top of it the addition of a number pad on the right.  makes me wonder though, is this suppose to be in all of the new books?  Seems to me that the keypad would only be avilable in the 17″ model as there is more keyboard space, where as the 15” is a little more limited.

Anyways, awesome mock up, this really gets the juices pumped for an October event….. I still want to see a speedbump and hard drive bump on the MBA!!!

Leaked Photos of New Mac Books?!

Pulled these images off a post from appleinsider. Looks like there are leaked images of the new design of Mac Books.  They apparently are made of the same material as the Mac Book Pro.  There are rumors that apple is combining the Mac Book and Mac Book Pro into one line of books.  Of course there will be an entry level and then of course a higher end model but the same chasse.  Just like now, there will be the ability to do slight upgrades and so forth.

The rumor is that there will be an event during October,  I am still hoping that not only with the MB and MBP be updated, renewed, speed bumped, but also the MBA!!!!

Keep those fingers crossed!

Another Event in the Works

A couple of days after the “Let’s Rock” Apple event, it seems like there is rumors of another Apple event in the works for October 14th.  This on is to announce the possiable speed bumps in the notebook line.  While every where I have read about this, nothing mentions the MBA.  :(

So this is me hoping and praying that the MBA is included.  It is a notebook is it not?!?

BTW: I stole the image from appleisider.

"Let's Rock" Event Grade … C-

I give yesterdays Apple “Let’s Rock Event a C-.  The predictions that it would be a lackluster event where very true.  While I am def excited about the things mentioned, I really think that the event was over hyped.  New iPods, great.  New iTunes, Great.  NBC back on iTunes, Great. All really exciting stuff, but where was the “One More Thing”????

I  was of course, really hoping to see something announced about speed bumps on the notebook line, expecially the MBA!!!  I guess I will have to wait even longer!! :(