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My Holiday Wish List

I keep getting asked, “What do you want for Christmas?” I HATE trying to remember what I told everyone!  Then of course, there is the hunting for links, putting them into an email. IT SUCKS.  Of course it happens, I start stumbliling around the interwebs and find something else to add to the list.  Time to send out an updated email. AGAIN, that sucks!

SO, I created a pin board on my custom designed pin board designed after Pinterest.  I like Pinterest, but hate some of the elements of it.  Long story short, yes, I have my own Pinterest! ;)

So what do I want for Christmas?  Check out my Wish List Pin Board.  Make sure to bookmark it because I am still adding to it!

Justin Oak Brown Cowhide Oxford

This might be considered a present idea.  But this is more of a reminder for me.  While I can certainly get this style of shoe, (which i love by the way) and off brand from a shoe store around here. I want to support my name brand shoe company. And doesn’t it feel good to buy american once and a while?

You can pick a pair of size 10 from Online Boot Store for just $65.95. just for safety sake: Justin Men’s Oak Brown Cowhide Oxford Style: J191

Justin Men’s Rugged Utah Steel Toe Boots

Ok, this is going to seem like a weird one… I have always wanted a pair of Justin Boots.  Why, because we share the same awesome name! Plus they are an american company that deserves our support!  I’m sure the other questions is why boots.  Yeah, it would be a first for me! I have heard that they are seriously comfortable boots. Maybe it’s me wanting to connect with my childhood of when I wanted to be a cowboy. Maybe I just want to look like a bad ass… well, MORE of a badass.

You can pick these specific boots up at the Online Boot Store for just $107.95 with FREE ground shipping! I wear a size 10 width D.

Oscar The Grouch Sesame Street Hat

Who doesn’t love a good winter hat?! Yeah, I have a couple, but this is AWESOME. Pick it up over on Snorg Tees.  It’s only $34.95!

Coffee Roasting Starter Kit

Call me crazy, call me nuts.  Yes it is ANOTHER crazy idea, like the beer brewing that I never did or countless other ideas I had and never took off with.  This one I have a good feeling about.  Why you may ask. 2 reasons

  1. Apparently the Lang family were coffee roasters a LONG time ago. So why not start that back up right?!
  2. I drink coffee, like DAILY.  I am always on the hunt for a good coffee, why not only brew my own, but roast it to!

I did a very quick search and came up with Sweet Maria’s website. I like the idea of the stovetop starter kit.  Not to much and doesn’t seem overly complicated.  Now like any Lang, I would go full tilt and ask for the bigger kits, but, let’s see how things go.  Who knows, some day I might get really into it and get a REAL roaster and give my family and friends some hand crafted coffee.

Check it out, the Sweet Maria’s Stovetop Roasting Starter kit for just $41.50.

iTunes Gift Card

Are you starting to see a trend this year? I have real idea for any presents.  I am also feeling that if you don’t want to get me a present, it’s not the end of the world to me.  BUT, if you so feel inclined, another option is and Apple iTunes Gift Card.  I can always find something to purchase in iTunes! Again, I will leave the denomination up to you.  Just know a movie cost around $15 and a song $1.39.

Amazon Gift Card

I know, I know, it’s weak but say what you want.  I don’t care.  I think it makes buying for me easy!  Feel free to get any denomination, I’ll take them all! Why Amazon… I have become a fan of Amazon as it keeps me out of the malls, stores and generally away from the nut jobs. Pretty sick way of thinking, but I have lost faith in humanity during these “joyous” time of the season.

Is it me or is this present idea post taking a turn for the worse? Just head over to and pick up any “version” of a gift card.

Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Trigger

Here is a nice gift idea for Christmas this year.  While it would be better to get a flash first, this is a less expensive present idea! ;) Check out more on the Phottix website,

Noktor 50mm f/0.95 HYPERPRIME Lens

I think i have fallen in love with the Noktor HyperPrime 50mm f/0.95 lens!  Oh how much do I like the!

AP Style Book

I have been told that my writing is a little lacking in some places. Since starting my “little project”, I have been working on almost all aspect of the project including the most important one, the writing.

It has been recommended to me to get the AP StyleBook. It is considered the bible for any journalist/writer. So here we go, another great idea for a present. It can pick it up at It is quite the deal at $18.95 for the printed edition. Regarding this particular book, I would actually prefer the printed edition over a PDF or ebook. Something tells me I would really prefer the book.