CV of Justin Lang

Calvin and Hobbes Wall Painting

If I ever get my own design studio/office/light lab, this will have to go onto one of the walls.  I am a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan.  I wish that it never ended. Though, good things do have to come to an end once and a while.

Office Interior Idea

This is total wishful thinking for the future! I really like the open design and the moderness of the design.  Some day… some day.

Simple Cable Management for Laptops

At work, I run off my MacBook and only have a couple of cords to power up and print things from the laptop.  Of course, I connect to the network via a wireless signal!  But the cords have the tendency to drop off the front of my desk.  How did I not think of something so simple as this?  So nice, so neat.  I guess you have to be right brained to come up with something so simple to a common problem.

Point to Your Coat

Yet another great design/home idea.  I don’t know what it is with me, but I love using design elements for decorating.  Again, this one MIGHT make it into the office some day, but we’ll have to see.  Some how I just don’t see these making it in the the main living space.

Different Drawers

I love stumble, it really makes time go by some times when you are waiting for something to finish or happen.  I have found some really neat ideas that I would love to incorporate into the house, but something tells me the wife just might not go for this one.

Is this the artist coming out in me or the “recycler” that wants to reduce and re-use? Maybe when we get around to completing the office in the basement, I might have to build this, time to go dumpster diving!

Pixelated Sofa

My wife and I are still in house hunting mode and one of the key features that I am looking for in our new home is a home office.  Not just for me, but for Renee as well.  I have a good idea what the office will look like in my head.  The sofa above has now just been added to that dream!  Since I know this won’t cut it in the house, it will have to move to the office, which I am totally fine with!

Simple Office Desk

I am loving the simplicity of this home office design!

A Great Clock Design