CV of Justin Lang

Boat Bed on a String

Aatrial House – The Drive Way

I don’t know what it is about this drive way, but I love it!  I think it relates back to the Stark mansion in Iron Man.  A plain and simple drive way sucks, I want something with curves and excitement… well, kinda.  I have never liked the fact that a garage has been at the front of the house and visible.  I want it hidden. Not just to hid the rather large doors, but also some privacy and security.  Call me crazy, but it’s the way I roll. Check out some of the other photos of the Aatrial House.

Kitchen Counter Plugs

What a great idea?!!?!? The search is on for if this is real. This way the tile back splash will not have a plug in the middle of it.

UPDATE: The plugs are REAL!!!!

Tiles for the Bathroom… HELLA YES

Probably not the best idea to use this inside of the shower…

Spinnaker Chair

I love to sit and I love to sail. While I don’t get to do much of the latter, this chain combines both!  The Spinnaker Chair from

the chair is made from used spinnaker sails, and most importantly, HEAVY CUSHIONS!  I love re-purposed materials and am always on the hunt for an interesting design for seating and office furniture.  I still want the pixel couch!  But how awesome would this be as a tv chair?  I don’t think it will fit the design layout of our house, but I don’t care!

I haven’t been able to find a price or even a dealer in the US as this is a Norwegian company.  Hopefully someday they will make it across the big blue.

Shower Design

This could be a great idea for our basement shower!  Not a lot to it and seems pretty simple.

Different kind of Wall Outlet

What a great idea for a wall outlet!  It’s pretty safe to say this is only a 15amp outlet.  But what about the ground???  A bunch of house hold appliances and devices only come with a two prong edison outlet.  I have even heard that home builders are installing just to prong outlets now.  Kind of interesting…

I love the wall outlet design! might be better if there was a three prong outlet in the center… just in case!

Outdoor Living – BBQ Pit/Grill & Patio Idea

We have a HUGE backyard and it is AWESOME, but what to do with it?!  My brothers Brazilian friend wants to help us build a BBQ pit to make some Brazilian BBQ.  By the way, if you have not tried Brazilian BBQ… GET OUT THERE AND TRY IT… fantastic stuff!

Along with the BBQ pit, why not add a small outdoor living area to enjoy the wonderful smells that come off the pit? So here is just an idea and layout that I like.  Someday I’ll get around to it, but first the house needs some lovin’.

Point to Your Coat

Yet another great design/home idea.  I don’t know what it is with me, but I love using design elements for decorating.  Again, this one MIGHT make it into the office some day, but we’ll have to see.  Some how I just don’t see these making it in the the main living space.

Different Drawers

I love stumble, it really makes time go by some times when you are waiting for something to finish or happen.  I have found some really neat ideas that I would love to incorporate into the house, but something tells me the wife just might not go for this one.

Is this the artist coming out in me or the “recycler” that wants to reduce and re-use? Maybe when we get around to completing the office in the basement, I might have to build this, time to go dumpster diving!