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Littlite Pin-Out and Power Connections

I have ben working on a little pet project… oh wait, all of my projects are little pet projects!  Well, I came across something that I could use in a bit and wanted to make a mental note about it here. The pin-put and power supply connections for a littlite 3pin desk lamp.

Pin-Out for 3pin XLR Littlite

Pin # Function
1 Chassis Ground
2 Dimming Leg
3 +12 Vdc

Molex 8981 D Connector Pin-Out

Pin # Color Function
1 Yellow +12 V
2 Black Ground
3 Black Ground
4 Red +5 V

From The Tech Table


I twittered about this earlier today from my latest design, It Runs In The Family at Little Theatre of Alexandria.  While we are at I am taking time out of the actor notes to post a quick note about my tech table set up.

Here at LTA, we have setup up an ETC Ion on a closed wireless network letting me run the client software on my PC via wireless to have my “video node” out in the house.  In addition to having the notebook screen, I have added a 17″ LCD screen so I have more information at my finger tips.

For a while, I was using the newest apple USB keyboard with the client key commands written on it.  I just added the PI Engineering 58 X-Keys to the system so I don’t have to hunt and peck for a command such as cue or something like that.  What I did find was that I had to change some of the keys on the X-Keys to suit my needs at the tech table such as adding a GO and STOP/BACK keys and crazy as it seems, FLEXIE and DISPLAY.  What I find interesting about the default layout for the X-Keys for the Ion from ETC offered a mesh of options with the layout not being designed for any one use, such as either as a designer remote or programming remote or playback remote. Thus the change of layout to the X-Keys.  Thinking about it more now, the X-keys does have “two layers” with a toggle button where one layer of keys could be setup as “programming” buttons and the second layer being “playback”.   Something to keep in mind for the next show!

Also “featured” on the tech table are the usual items, Altoids, Production binder, with script, water, pepsi, (although I prefer coke!), notepad, cheat sheet, two littlites and of course, the iPhone.

The show opens Friday and runs for three weeks.  One more night of messing with levels and then I can it done for opening!

Interesting Use of a Thumbdrive

thumbdrive_searchI posted a tweet tonight about setting up Quickbooks and I got areply from @YourSavvyVA.  She was ready to help and answer questions.  Well, after I couldn’t read the small print in the setup, and I mean SMALL PRINT.  I just gave up and will set it up tomorrow, hell, I have more time tomorrow and the pizza JUST arrived.

Well, I checked out her site realy quick and will have to explore it more, but I found the search feild AWESOME.  BTW, love the design over all.

More Photos Around OT


So Renee got me out of the house again yesterday when I had sooo much to do. So if you are reading this and you didn’t get your proof yesterday, I blame Renee!!! ;) It was good to get out of the house. THe weather was around 60 degrees and Sunny as hell! The water front was quite busy!

On these walks, I have been taking my new D80 Camera. And yesterday on our hour and a half walk, I took about 200 photos. I have crunch the ones I like and have uploaded them to our photo gallery, Take a look!

Yammer, Yet Another Thing to Keep Up With!!1

I was over on Facebook this evening and one of my co-workers mentioned this new site called  It is just like twitter where you post quick updates about what you doing and whats going on.

If you’re not familiar with twitter, yammer and twitter are similar to bloging but you only have about 150 characters to write about.   The interesting part about yammer is that it is a mix between twitter and linkedin.  Yammer is business oriented.  Now I am not sure if you are able to “follow” other people outside of your business but it’s only another thing to keep up with and to play with.

I have added my yammer profile link to the left.  See you there!

Laser Cut Paper, who would have thought!

I just recieved the latest issue of How Design Magazine.  Of course with my busy schedule I have not had time to read it.  Well, with my train ride tomorrow, I will have plenty of time to catch up with it and my newest magaize subscription, Maxium!!

I was packing up my bag yesterday with everything that I might need for the trip these next two days and though about taking out all those fucking subscription cards out of my How magaizine.  That was I don’t litter alllll over the train.  So I noticed a rather big insert with rather thick paper and an interesting cut out.  It def got my attention.  While it was not the excat same thing pictured above, it was just as detailed!  So this has me thinking about another promotional idea for Barbizon!!!  Now I just have to do some research and cost comparisons!

Check this stuff out, pretty neat!

Getting Deeper into it

So yet another adventure I am taking is getting deeper into the web 2.0 thing. I started the whole thing years ago before the catch phrase web 2.0 was around by starting my very own personal blog… WHICH, you just happen to be reading now!

So I just recently signed up for accounts with both and to submit my bookmarks.  I also want to be able to make it easier for my readers, such as your fine self to submit my stories, ancidoits, thoughts and work to these sites.  So, in the next couple of days, look for delicious and digg button on each post for your convenience.

SIDE NOTE: Was or was not delicious baught recently by yahoo???  Then why or WHY does yahoo have buzz???  Check it out at

Ficlets – New idea

I have stumbled upon a new site called ficlets.

Basically: It’s a site about stories.  You start a short story and then the community can and usually does pick it up.  Or, you yourself can pick up anothers story and continue on.

This is a great way to pick up on my creative writting.  Lookf for my ficlets on the blog soon!


So I am jumping head first in to the social networking and web 2.0 society. It first started with Facebook.  I signed up for the hell of it and now am some what addicted.  I will not say I am a junkie, but it definatly nice to see what people are doing.  I plan on intigrating facebook in to the blog some how soon…

What I liked about Facebook was that you could write wuick messages to let people know what you are doing.  Well, that is ALL that twitter is.  So, I jumped on board and signed up for a twitter account.  You can reach it here.  Or you can see my latest status on the right hand side board.  I created a custom twitter badge where you can see my status!

Craigslist DC Creative Gigs RSS

This is my first attempt at using dashcode to create a widget for the mac. This is part of my 101 in 1001 list to design a widget at least once a month.  While I technically have not started my list, I am experimenting and practicing for the future.  As of right now, I haven’t even FINISHED my 101 list!

The reason behind this widget was to get quick access to the listing of creative gigs in the DC Metro area from Craigslist.  What is nice about Craigslist is that any page can be read by an RSS reader!

While some will say it’s just as easy to bookmark the page and to check it every now and then, I think this is easier.  When ever I go into my dashboard, the listing is automatically updated and needs to input from me!

There are a couple of more ideas that I have for widgets, but I am not releaseing that information at this time as I don’t want my ideas stolen! ;)

If you want a copy of the widget, drop me a line.  I may even be persuaded to keep up with this one and update it and make it betters!