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Completed grandMA Rack Case

grandMA-case-01I am gushing with joy. I recently received images of my completed case design from Armando Cases. For the longest time I have been thinking about a secure and easy way to transport my grandMA onPC setup.  Looking at the photos, you may think it is an over kill.  Well, these are just images of the completed case still at the factory.  As I write this, the case is on its way to me!

Once I get it in, the real fun begins with filling it up with bits and pieces to make it a fully functional grandMA onPC setup with 8 universes of parameter control, full tracking backup, battery backup, 8 ports of 5pin out and all the cabling in one place. Again, you may be thinking this is still over kill.  Say or think what you like, but this self contained system should be able to handle any medium sized rig with no problem.

I’ll have more photos up after I get the case filled with the innards. So stay tuned.



My Own Pintrest

So you may have noticed that I have not written as much as I use to do… Which still was not a whole bunch here on my own blog.  A lot of what I posted was personal ideas, interest and recipes.  Not really what I want my personal blog to be about.  Things like that belong in what I use to call a morgue.  A collection of ideas and photos about different things I had in my mind.

I was turned on to Pintrest by my wife and was quickly turned off by how limited it was and how it relied on others to “socially” interact with it.  I don’t care if people like or want to comment on my pintrest boards.  It’s not for them, it is for me! So, away went pintrest and I began to build my own. It is still very basic at the moment. But, as free time comes around, it is something I update and work on.

So, you will notice I have started to add the morgue ideas over on my pin board.  I’ll leave my personal blog for what it is suppose to be… A BLOG! ;)  Check out my pin board, don’t expect to interact with it though. ;)

If you like it and think the same way I do about pintrest… I might be able to share my work and provide you with your own pin board. Just shoot me an email.

Calvin Explains Color Theory


I have been reading old Calvin & Hobbes cartoons. I came across this gem. Not only is he a bright kid and so imaginative, he explains the theory of color so well. Why it is not a complete lesson, he does hit the finer points.

Pixelated Sofa

My wife and I are still in house hunting mode and one of the key features that I am looking for in our new home is a home office.  Not just for me, but for Renee as well.  I have a good idea what the office will look like in my head.  The sofa above has now just been added to that dream!  Since I know this won’t cut it in the house, it will have to move to the office, which I am totally fine with!

Google Maps Envelope

What a neat idea for a return address!  But my problem is, I don’t open my envelopes like that.  I rip them open from the top so that would totally screw up the design.  Still, pretty damn cool!

Rechargable Battry by Thumb Power

A Great Clock Design

Sharky Tea-Infuser

I am not really the tea type of person, but I know a couple of people who are down with drinking the leafy drink.  Doing the usual Stumble across the interwebs, I came across The Sharky Tea-Infuser by DesignBoom. What a neat idea! If only I could find a place to purchase it, I would.  I bet this could work with Starbucks Via instant coffee packets.

An no, this is not on the present list, just a neat idea!

Smashing Magazines Design Daily

Smashing Magazine out out a great article yesterday about Designing Something Every Day. When I first saw this, it made me think of my 101 list and how bad I have been about keeping up with it. I still have over 500 days left on it meaning I am almost half way through it.  But honestly, what have I completed from it… Not much!

Although, I have completed some pretty important things off the list and some other pretty important ones are on the way to being completed. I think this article from Smashing Magazine is a great revitalization of the list.  Now, off to schedule 15-20 minutes a day in the calendar!

Coffee Mugs for Me

UPDATE: I still like the first mug, but I did get a camera lens mug!

Are you still looking for Christmas present ideas for me?  If not, you SHOULD  be! I love me a good cup of coffee and what better way to accessorize it my showing off my creative side.  I wish I had links, but I don’t.  Be the best Google Sleuth you can be and find them! ;)