CV of Justin Lang

Completed grandMA Rack Case

grandMA-case-01I am gushing with joy. I recently received images of my completed case design from Armando Cases. For the longest time I have been thinking about a secure and easy way to transport my grandMA onPC setup.  Looking at the photos, you may think it is an over kill.  Well, these are just images of the completed case still at the factory.  As I write this, the case is on its way to me!

Once I get it in, the real fun begins with filling it up with bits and pieces to make it a fully functional grandMA onPC setup with 8 universes of parameter control, full tracking backup, battery backup, 8 ports of 5pin out and all the cabling in one place. Again, you may be thinking this is still over kill.  Say or think what you like, but this self contained system should be able to handle any medium sized rig with no problem.

I’ll have more photos up after I get the case filled with the innards. So stay tuned.