CV of Justin Lang

Renee at Nats 4/14/2012

A photo of my lovely wife at the Nats game on Saturday, April 14, 2012

Griffin and I With Our 33 Shirts

Olivia and Griffin made 33 shirts for my 33rd birthday this year!  This has been sitting on my iPhone along with plenty of other images for some time.  I thought it was time to share them.  I still have my 33 shirt and love it!  It was really nice of them to make the shirts.  It really put that smile on my face! thanks guys!

Holiday Splatter

Oh the holiday season.  It came to quick again!  Call me a Grinch, I am ok with it. I just cannot get into the holiday season yet.  Maybe it is the warm weather or the fact that 2011 went by so quick.  Either way, I am happy and sad at the same time to see 2011 go by.  Here is an interesting photo of christmas lights and a neat camera trick.  This is not mine, just a re-posting.

Happy holidays everyone!

Photos From Paris 2011

Less than two days, and over 300 photos… Well, I technically took over 700… but as a rule of thumb, I always take multiple shots of the same thing, you never know which one is the best until you’re at the light table.  Here are all the photos from Paris.

Photos From London 2011

I may have been in London the longer of the two cities we visited, but I took the least amount of photos there.  I was busy working the trade show floor!  Now, if you want to include all the photos I took from the trade show… that is another story.  Here are the photos from London, enjoy.

TCB Glasses

Renee seems to think I look stupid with my new TCB shades.  I have to say, I rather like them!  Hey, when in Vegas right?!?

Griffin or Justin… This is Getting Scary

This is getting really scary.  If I didn’t take this picture, I just might mix this up as myself once again.  I SWEAR there is a photo out there of me in this exact same pose.  I really need to get the old family photos scanned in and cataloged. Sounds like a New Year’s Resolution???

Griffin and Olivia…awwwwww

As I am sure everyone is getting just a bit sick of seeing present ideas for me, here is a photo from this weekend with the family and Olivia’s 8th birthday party.

House in a High Place

I love homes in high places.  This kind of reminds me of Maui.  Wish I could go back.

Turtle in the Yard

I swear, we have the living kingdom in our backyard.  First is it a deer, then a bunch of squirrels and birds, a praying mantis then a raccoon and now a turtle?!?  I can only imaging what will show up next in the vastness of our backyard.  At least the turtle stuck around a bit for me to get some close up shots of him!