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This is my first attempt at using dashcode to create a widget for the mac. This is part of my 101 in 1001 list to design a widget at least once a month.  While I technically have not started my list, I am experimenting and practicing for the future.  As of right now, I haven’t even FINISHED my 101 list!

The reason behind this widget was to get quick access to the listing of creative gigs in the DC Metro area from Craigslist.  What is nice about Craigslist is that any page can be read by an RSS reader!

While some will say it’s just as easy to bookmark the page and to check it every now and then, I think this is easier.  When ever I go into my dashboard, the listing is automatically updated and needs to input from me!

There are a couple of more ideas that I have for widgets, but I am not releaseing that information at this time as I don’t want my ideas stolen! ;)

If you want a copy of the widget, drop me a line.  I may even be persuaded to keep up with this one and update it and make it betters!