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Coffee Roasting Starter Kit

Call me crazy, call me nuts.  Yes it is ANOTHER crazy idea, like the beer brewing that I never did or countless other ideas I had and never took off with.  This one I have a good feeling about.  Why you may ask. 2 reasons

  1. Apparently the Lang family were coffee roasters a LONG time ago. So why not start that back up right?!
  2. I drink coffee, like DAILY.  I am always on the hunt for a good coffee, why not only brew my own, but roast it to!

I did a very quick search and came up with Sweet Maria’s website. I like the idea of the stovetop starter kit.  Not to much and doesn’t seem overly complicated.  Now like any Lang, I would go full tilt and ask for the bigger kits, but, let’s see how things go.  Who knows, some day I might get really into it and get a REAL roaster and give my family and friends some hand crafted coffee.

Check it out, the Sweet Maria’s Stovetop Roasting Starter kit for just $41.50.