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Apple Tablet Coming in January…

Apple Tablet Computer

Photo From: Gizmodo

OK, it is time to get those apple rumors going again about a new Mac computer or better yet, an apple tablet!!! Think of it as a larger iPhone or iPod Touch.  This is some exciting news, but there are a couple of things….

1: Will it be a computer or will it just be a larger iPhone, sort of like a portable media player or something along those lines?  I vote or want a computer based tablet that runs OSX and not the iPhone OS.

2:  WTH everyone.  If you are going to start the rumor mill up again about the Apple tablet, lets stay consistent with the size of the damn thing.  Once site speculates that it will be 10″ and the other 7″ and yet another site saying that there will be one of each with a third unknown size.

Let’s get the stories straight people and not just add on to what other people have already speculated.

BTW: did i mention I am hella excited to see these rumors again?!?