CV of Justin Lang

In Honor of William Robert Lang

In memory of my late grandfather that pasted away May 6 of this year, I am changing the header image of the site for a bit.  While the image doesn’t show him or signify him, it is of one of his favorite views in the world.

The photo was taken from my grandfathers house in Copper Harbor Michigan, over looking Lake Fannie Hooe.  This is the magnificent view that you get from looking out the front window or standing on the deck overlooking the lake.

I have many many great memories up in Copper Harbor, and many of which are of Curley and grandma Lang. Spending time in the upper peninsula has always meant something special for me.  I am lucky enough to have someone in my life that shares the understanding of such a wonderful and remote place.  Like I mentioned to my father, this is only the beginning of another generation of Langs enjoying what my grandparents started.

You can view a selection of the 1100+ photos that I took during my 3 days in the harbor by going to