CV of Justin Lang

The Wild Kingdom Expands

The animal count just keeps going up and up.  Yesterday we dug up one of the azaleas in the front to move it to the other side of the house.  Guess who was chilling out in the roots of the azaleas!

He was only about 8″ to 12″ long, but sure took me by surprise.  At first I thought it was a worm, how wrong I was! And no, I didn’t kill it, I put it in the woods WAY behind the house.

Turtle in the Yard

I swear, we have the living kingdom in our backyard.  First is it a deer, then a bunch of squirrels and birds, a praying mantis then a raccoon and now a turtle?!?  I can only imaging what will show up next in the vastness of our backyard.  At least the turtle stuck around a bit for me to get some close up shots of him!