CV of Justin Lang

Coffee Mugs for Me

UPDATE: I still like the first mug, but I did get a camera lens mug!

Are you still looking for Christmas present ideas for me?  If not, you SHOULD  be! I love me a good cup of coffee and what better way to accessorize it my showing off my creative side.  I wish I had links, but I don’t.  Be the best Google Sleuth you can be and find them! ;)

Photoshop Fridge Magnets


Want another great gift idea for me?  How about the Photoshop Fridge Magnet set from  Yes, I love me some Photoshop and what better way to show it and be “in” photoshop while not even on the computer!?

For only $24.99, how can you go wrong with this gift? And yes, I am starting my Christmas list early!  Someone always complains that I never give enough gift ideas.  Maybe I should start a gift registry!