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Coffee Mugs for Me

UPDATE: I still like the first mug, but I did get a camera lens mug!

Are you still looking for Christmas present ideas for me?  If not, you SHOULD  be! I love me a good cup of coffee and what better way to accessorize it my showing off my creative side.  I wish I had links, but I don’t.  Be the best Google Sleuth you can be and find them! ;)

LaCie iamaKey

iamaKey_angleUPDATE: Got this myself ;)

Just another great gift idea for Justin.  While yes it doe come in three sizes, I would PREFER at least the 8 gig version.  You can get it from LaCie here.


BH Photo has is just a little cheaper.

MERRY CHRISTMAS… well before thanksgiving

Perfect Christmas Present!

logitech_harmony_one_advanced_universal_remoteChristmas has come and gone and all the presents are un wrapped and all the wrapping paper is in the trash.  The stockings have been ripped from the fireplace with no care what so ever and the contents inventoried.

So what did everyone get?  I would have to say the best present so far that I have gotten is the Logitch Harmony One Universal Remote control!  Now all three of my remotes are in one with quick access to things that we normally view.  With on button it changes from watching tv to watching a DVD or watching the Apple TV.

What awesome about this remote is that it can handle up to 15 devices so when the entertainment center grows, my remote will not have to.  This thing is well worth the price, I suggest picking on up!