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My Wife Gets Digital Ink

I am so pround of my wife Renee. This past Friday she got some digital ink on the Nonprofit Technology Network! Renee wrote an article on the importance of live tweeting for events in the nonprofit sector. Renee has done this a couple of times with events that she has organized through her company, Education Sector.

I love the article and it makes me think about some of the things that I can do on my own blogs. I love that she wait until this is published before mentioning it to me! Just kidding Renee. ;)

Renee and I share ideas like this on a regular base. We is ever cooler I we steal ideas from each other all to better our brands. Some day I will nudge Renee to start her own blog, she has some great ideas that he needs to share!

Anyways, read her article here. I am proud of you Renee! Great job.