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3G NETWORK, not 3gigs!!!

Seriously apple, what the the hell.  I am a mac addict, I know it and I embrace it.  But there are PLENTY of people out there that are not.  They don’t read the blogs daily like I and many other mac addicts do.  So when you write 3G, I know what you are talking about.  The 3G network as in the data transfer network.  I have been approched by many a people asking about the new iPhone.  They know that I love apple and know whats going on.  A couple have prople have aasked me, “When will the 3gig iPhone come out?”  Honestly, I know how people can get confused about this.  The standard abbreviation of gigabit is gig, not just G.  But as we all know, everyone reads things quickly.  So people will misintrupte 3G as meaning 3gig.  I know it is not a hugh problem, but I can see the unknowing masses going into an apple store or online looking for the new 3gig iPhone.