CV of Justin Lang

A Couple Months Have Passed…

Some blog huh?!  Last update was almost two months ago.  Something has to give with the limited amount of time that we have in a day.  In fact, I am kinda surprised I have time now to write!

Let me re-phrase that… time to write for PERSONAL use.  A majority of my day is spent writing.  Pounding away at the keyboard.  You know those walking fingers from the yellow pages?  That is how my fingers feel lately, like they have walked miles and miles across the keyboard.  One of these days I’ll have to put a pedometer on them just ot see how far they have “walked”.

Some other things that are keeping me busy are the videos.  SO MANY VIDEOS!  Each trade show I go to, I seem to come back with more and more each time.  It is a wonder that I turn in any of my assignments on time!  Video is fun, but takes a whole different work flow.  Just when I get one batch of videos out the door, I get 10 more hours of video to sift through and “produce”.

A sudden realization… I AM A FILM PRODUCER… and cameraman, lighting director, director of photography… Getting the picture, a one man film studio.  Maybe Film studio is a bit more credit than I deserve.  Let’s go back to the roots and just call me a blogger, or a multimedia blogger at best.

Time to put another pot of coffee on.  It’s getting to working hours and deadline approaches.