CV of Justin Lang

Another Tradeshow, Another Trip

Since starting my new job, I have traveled more then I have ever before.  In my last job I did a bit of traveling, but nothing like this.  It seems as though I should have an apartment or something at BWI with the amount of time I spend in this airport. Like most people, I like getting to the airport early as you never know with traffic, security and everything that comes with air travel. I get a bit done while waiting for the plane to board.  I get to write a bit, sip a mediocre cup of coffee from Starbucks and do a bit of people watching.

This week takes me to Orlando Florida for the InfoComm 2011 tradeshow.  It is a short trip compared to some of my travels lately. Though still, three nights away is just as tough as five or seven nights away.  I like to travel, though two trips a month is getting pretty draining.  Both physically and mentally. A week at home is nice, but it seems as though I get nothing done since I am recovering and catching up from being away.

I am still finding my groove and trying to balance travel, work and my home life.  It has been taxing lately on Renee and us. Looking at my calendar, it shows signs of slowing down for the summer. An added bonus is we are taking a mini vacation for the fourth of July.  It will be nice to get away, and yes I do plan on disconnecting!

Overall, I am loving what I am doing and I don’t really consider it a “job”. Yes it is work, but I like it. I am enjoying what I am doing. It has just taken a bit to find my groove.Call me Stella as I am still in search of my groove.