CV of Justin Lang

Best Thing About Traveling

I have always loved to travel.  It is so exciting visiting a new and different place.  Lately I have been visiting the same place for the last couple of months with no end in sight.  I love Vegas, think of something you want to try or do, Vegas probably offers it some where.  Then of course there is the gambling.  I like to gamble, but not the way some people expect to come home breaking the house.  It’s fun, it’s exciting, but hell if I am loosing my pants like so many people do night after night for the last 50 years in that desert town. Like I said, I love Vegas, but I am so over the hype.

Traveling takes a lot out of a person, especially when fly across the country.  A four hour flight seems easy, but there is the hour or two before hand, the security lines, the cramped space of a plane, the wait to get on and off the plane.  Not to mention if you check a bag! The time just keeps adding up.  Then, in my case, the hour drive home. What was a four hour flight, turned into an eight hour trip. So much fun!

The best part about traveling has to be getting home to familiar territory and of course the wife.  Even though most times she is already deep in sleep, it’s nice to be there, sharing our bed and knowing that she is less then a foot away rather then 2,000 miles and three time zones a part.

It’s so good to be home!