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Biden as VP

So around 8pm last night I was flipping through channels trying to find something to watch.  Every now and then I would check in on CNN to see if anything was announced or when we might be expecting the vp announcement.

Of course I signed up for the announcement to be texted to me as I wante dto be one of the first to know. So flipping through CNN last night, they had the lower third menitoning that they are expecting the VP announcement any minute now.

Checked back in with CNN for an update to see when it might be announcemend around 9pm…. nothing.  So we watched a movie and I forgot about it and did not get my text message.

So, woke up this morning and checked the phone and saw that Biden was announced as the VP… at 3:04AM!!!!

Man, it must have SUCKED to sit up all night waiting for this to be announced.  I am quite sure every 30 minutes CNN would say “stick with us, we are expecting it any minute….”