CV of Justin Lang

Catching Up From the Past 6 Months

A HUGE amount of exciting things have happened in the past 6 months.  In Mid September, our daughter Evelyn was born, a few short weeks later, I announced my departure from PLSN. Then, as the new year rang in, I announced my new position at Director of Marketing for A.C.T Lighting.  Since then, it has been whirlwind.  New and exciting things happening on all fronts and challenges never experienced before.  It is hard to catch your breath sometime with everything that is going on.  I am kind of surprised I had a moment to log in and blog for a hot moment!

I am thrilled about what the new year has brought along with the advancements Evelyn is making.  I’ll get better at sharing her progress along with some of the other things I am working on outside of work. Time to finish Sunday strong and to prepare for another busy, yet fun week of work.