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Damnit Leander, Check Your Sources!!1

So I could not sleep to well last night. So I got up and decided to make the early morning rounds on the apple blogosphere.  Top article on the CultOfMac blog, “Leaked Ad of MacBook Pro Actually a Mockup“.

When I read that of course I miss the Mockup part because I want to jump right into the article and get the jucie details. So of course I missed that when I started to read.  I was getting pretty excited over here.  If the MacBook Pro gets a bump and re-design soon, the MacBook Air has to follow sometime soon!

It’s not that I don’t care about the MBP, but I really want an MBA!  So andy new news on the Apple ntebook front should always be good right?!

Well, at the end of Leander’s article, he quickly mentiones that that this “ad” is of course a fake and from the MacRumors forums.  Way to give a mans hopes up Leander!  Maybe you should do a little bit more research before posting fakes as real huh?!