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DodoCase Announces Dodo for Kindle Fire

I know what you are thinking… what the hell happened to the iPad?!  Nothing, I still love my iPad and my Dodocase.  I recently got a Kindle Fire for development work and of course, a cool new tool! ;)  One thing I like about the Kindle Fire is the size, it is a bit smaller at 7″ screen compared to the iPad.  I certainly do a lot more work functions and day-to-day things on the iPad, it is nice to have the Kindle for reading and testing Droid apps out on.

Regardless… Dodocase just announced that they have a Dodo for the Kindle Fire, so of course, being a loyal customer and lover of all things Dodo, I had to pick one up!  I don’t know what it is about Dodo, maybe it is the custom work, the old world book binding, the look and feel of a moleskin case… It’s probably all of those and more.

I cannot wait to get my next Dodo from the nest!!! Please hurry mother Dodo, I can’t contain myself!