CV of Justin Lang

From The Tech Table – Part 2

How to Tell if You Have a Good Stage Manager

fpx205494Again while at the tech table tonight, I have been thinking over the design process of the show and the surprising things that happen.

I have been design a show or two each season at LTA for a couple of years now and it seems like I am always “stuck” with the same stage manager running the show.

Around my first or second show at LTA, I was asked in the first production meeting by the producer, do I need anything for the show and I jokinly said a Hot Toddy each night during tech week.

Since then it has been a running joke with everyone involved with the show that I am designing that I require a Hot Toddy and that each night someone is designated as my “Bartender”.  In the three or four years now that I have been working with LTA, no one has given gotten me a Hot Toddy.

Well last night was a bad bad run through for me.  I just could not get my levels right and I found a gapping black spot right down stage.  I was cursing to myself and just frustrated.  Little did I know that my headset was still hot.  Everyone on headset heard me basically chewing myself out under my breath. QUITE embarrising!

I arrived early today in order to start the system up and get the ladders out and fix my dark spot down stage.  Once I had finish fixing the problem on the house electric and putting everything away, I headed back to the tech table in a dark house.

When I got back to row K where the tech table lives for one more night, I noticed a travel mug on my desk that was not there when I came in.  Being the nut job that I am I tasted it to see what it might be and low and behold, A HOT TODDY!

Our stage manager comes out on stage to start wet mopping the stage for the run thought to night and notices me out in the house messing around.  She ask me if I got my present, the Hot Toddy.  MEJ, our stage manager heard me on the headset last night being hard on myself and wanted to know that she and the rest of the cast and crew “love” me and are here for me to help out, even if that means getting a buzz for the last night of tech.

Ladies and gentlemen, you know you have a great manager on your hands that she remembers your standing request/joke and see’s that you have been having a hard day and brings you a special present.

While the drink was delicious, it was more of the toughfulness and caring that RAERLY counted with me.  If you get the privilage of having a great stage manager like this, HOLD ON TO THEM AND NEVER LET THEM GO!