CV of Justin Lang

Got Eos/Ion Client up and running!!1

Back when I received my training to become a trainer on the Eos/Ion lighting consoles from ETC, I received a client dongle.  I finally had a chance to test out the client software on the dell connected to the Eos via wireless network.  It works beautifully!  It is relatively simple to execute as well!

One thing I did notice is that while logged in as a client and user 1 on the dell, I mimicked everything the console was seeing and doing.  So if I entered something on the dell, it would show up live on the console.  Neat, but then the programmer and and I have to work together doing the same functions.  When I was in blind on the console, so was he on the console.  That could work, but that is not how I want to work.

I found that if you log into the console from the client as another user, you have your own “work space”.  Meaning, if I wanted to be in blind updating cues, while the programmer was still running the show… not a problem!  Now that is nice!  But I can see a slight problem…

If both the client and server (console) are in live and bringing up channels to levels.  When the programmer on the console goto out, the channels that I brought up on the client still remain…. Interesting how that works!  I could see this being a slight problem!

All and all, I LOVE THE CLIENT!  It really beats the old way the ETC line displayed the console on a remote video node!