CV of Justin Lang

I Must be Nutz!

I must be nuts. About a week ago, I went to Wegmans to pick up some Sahlen’s Hot Dogs as I know the Rybaks of NC are HUGE fans of their hot dogs. Only because the hot dogs are from Upstate New York, just like them. It’s kind of the same thing with my family and Usgingers Hot Dogs and Brats. So I picked up 2 5lbs bags of hot dogs for them as a gift for letting us come down to SML this weekend. Well, I get a call from Renee’s cousin Tom last night asking if I could pick some Sahlen’s for them. I told him I already did… “Thanks, but that is not enough.” I had to laugh! In the back of my head when I first picked up the hot dogs last week, I knew that wouldn’t be enough!
So I guess I must really like the Rybak family. I went out last night in the pouring down rain at 9pm to run to wegmans about 20 miles away to pick up 2 more 5lbs bags of hot dogs and 8…yes 8 things of Webers mustard for them! So they now have 4 5lbs bags of hot dogs on their way this weekend to to them. Actually, I picked up 2 extra 5lbs bags, I know 4 5lbs bags of hot dogs is not going to be enough for them!

Love can really be baught with food, just like in my family!!! ;)