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iPhone Email Problems?!!!

So after upgrading to version 2.0 on my iPhone, I have been noticing that my iPhone stops checking for email after an hour or so.  Well, this of course WILL NOT DO.  I did a little searching over the the disussions forums at  I found a couple of discussions that might help..

Have to RESTART the iphone to get email to work

It sounds like it is something wrong with the code.  Something that Apple clearly needs to fix!  But in the mean time two things seem to work in order to keep checking for mail.

1: Shut down and restart the iPhone

2: Hold down the home button in mail until the home screen comes back.  That basically closes mail.  When you re-open mail it seems to work again.  This is clearly the best option.

3: The other thing I heard was to reset the iPhone in iTunes.  I haven’t tried that yet, but I will eventually!

PS: Check out the MAD paint skills on the image!!!