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iSight, Where art thou?

Every single mac product with a built in display has an iSight built right in the enclouser.  I can understand the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini not having an iSight built in as they do not have a monitor or display.  But Apple has line of Cinema Displays that are really nice, but lack the iSight.  Why is this?  There are a couple of arguments that I have been running through in my head…

1: Mac Minis are design to use a monitor, keyboard and mouse that you already own.  Thats all well and good, but what if my grandma wants to buy a complete system from Apple and use that system to have video chats with her grand kids across the country?

2: Mac Pros are designed for higher end users, graphic designers, video editors and other creatives.  Most creatives that purchase a Mac Pro will most liekly purchase a complete system including an Apple Display. That being said the system is intended for work and not “entertainment” things such as video chatting. But with travel and gas prices getting so expensive, it seems like video conferenceing would be a cheaper alternative.  So again, why not include an iSight into the display instead of making a customer going to a third party hardware?

Apple, get it together!