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Jobs and the Call

So Steve Jobs recently called a reporter at the New York Times to get things straight about his health.  The best part is Steve’s opening line.  He is basically telling the report that his is a jackass and that he sucks, but he, Steve wants to tell him about his health and what it means…. OFF THE RECORD.  WTF, whaat good does that do???

Well, people all over the interent have an opinion about this one!  But over at the Real Dan Lyons, he has taken it a step further.  He has been “getting” calls from other Tech geeks to complain and go off the record.  It’s pretty holarious!  Check out the post here…..

Kevin Rose calls to non-rebut rumors about Digg and Google acquisition talks

Sergey Brin calls to non-comment on Cuil

Woz calls to non-discuss rumors about his personal life

Now everyone is pulling this crap. Groan.