CV of Justin Lang


My Desktop after Leopard UpgradeI have taken another HUGE step.  I have upgraded the 15PB to Leopard!  I little birdy yesterday dropped in my lap.  Normally when a brid drops something on me, I curse and make a stink about it, but not this time!  “A Friend” (figure out that movie reference!) let me barrow a CD yesterday that just happen to have some goodness on it.  At the end of the day I was running OSX Leopard, WHO KNEW THAT WOULD BE ON IT!  Anyways, first impressions… I LIKE IT. Hate the default background, but that is eaily changed as you can see in the phot left.

Interesting side note on the background shipped with Leopard.  Renee was watching me as I was change the background and made an interesting comment.  “Who, what a set of Vistas”, referenceing some of the “nature” shots in the default folder for Mac backgrounds.  Me thinks this be Apple’s trickery hinting at their compitions OS from Redmond!  Just something to think about.

Now, something else I am having a little trouble with is the grid and icon line up on the desktop.  I HATE SNAPPING TO GRID!!!  How do I turn this off?!?!?!  I like my desktop icons to be where I want them NOT all to the right.  Someone PLESASE help.

Next, the dock.  I remember reading about people not likeing the new dock and stuff like that when Leopard first came out, but I didn’t pay much attention to them.  Now I see what some people are talking about. It is a little difficult to see what programs are open, but have now windows open.  The is just a small glowing blue bubble under the icon in the dock, very hard to see at a glance.  I much prefered Tigers little black arrow, very easy to see at a glance!

So far, overall I am liking it.  Most of the things I am bitching about are easy to fix, I just haven’t figured out how to on some of them.  I’ll let you know what other things come up laters.