CV of Justin Lang

Live Free Project Update

Awhile ago, I wanted to start a ne project called Live Free.  Basically, I wanted to see about running a computer completely free.  Meaning, open source, and free software.  I want to see if some one can truely run a basic computer with out any cost otehr then that of a low end computer.

Well, this project is on hold at the moment. The computer that I was planning on using has been given a new home.  I hope that she likes her new owner and lives the rest of her life running cool and happy.  I wish her well and will miss her.

So with out a computer to use, I can’t procede with this project right now.  But I have been doing some thinking about how to start it back up later. Maybe use parallels on my new mac to try it there!  That way it’s all on one computer!!!  I’ll keep you posted.