CV of Justin Lang

Mac Road Map, Step One Complete

So it happened… I took the plunge and picked up my new Mac Pro and 23″ Cinema Display from the Clarendon Apple Store on Saturday!  Let me tell you, this thing is beautiful and SOOOO powerful. It fits right into my work space at home.  I got the basic model with 2xduo core 2.8 and 2 gigs of ram with a 320gig hard drive and only one cd rom.  All of this can of course be upgraded later which is why I was so attracked to the Mac Pro.  I am still working on getting everything transfered over, but the main thing is done, my iTunes songs and movies!!!  Now I just have to finish loading my programs and Renee’s stuff.

Picking up the Mac Pro on Saturday was quite the adventure as it was the second day since the release of the 2nd iPhone.  There was still a line out the door for the iPhone and another smaller line for customer looking at getting other things!  After everything was said and done, I walked out with a 5% business discount on everything, a businesss account, a personal shopper at the apple store and $200 dollars worth of free stuff.  How can you go wrong with that?