CV of Justin Lang

My Mac Road Map

So I have been doing alot of thinking lately about my road map for upgrading my macs and where I want to go in the future.  I think I have narrowsed down the main computer to a Mac Pro.  It is expandable, FAST and SEXY!  But Renee is correct, what if I am traveling and need to do something?  I think it is at that point that I would include a MacBook Air into the system.  It would be able to sync up with the Mac Pro when I get back.  Plus it doesn’t need to be super powerful as that is what the Mac Pro is for.

But one thing that has come to lite is the fact that I would need wireless broadband access at times.  Now the MacBook Air does have a USB connection and there are USB broadband cards, but thinking more about it… I almost always stay in courtyard marriotts, which have free wireless broadband!  If they only have a wired connection, then plus in the airport express that I have and I have my wireless base station up and running.  I think this is a viable road map, what do you think?