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My Mini Burgers- Mmmmmm


One day a few years ago I was watching food channel with Renee.  Why, I have no idea, BUT, some good did come out of it.  Who ever was on, I don’t remember who, came up with a neat idea for mini burgers for foot balls games.  Of course hear burgers i perked up but to late to get the recipe.  So I made one up!


  • 1 pound of ground meat
  • 1 tube of crescent rolls
  • your favorite cheese n burgers

How hard can it be right?!

Prepare the meat for grilling like you normally do for burgers.  I use Worcestershire sauce and some sea salt and mix it into the raw meat and then make the paddies.  I normally get about 16 small paddies out of 1 pound of meat.

Next, grill the meat up like you normally would on the grill or frying pan.  Now you don’t need to cook them ALL the way through, may be still a little red inside even if you like them well done.

Once done on the grill, let the burgers rest and relax, perfect time for a new beer! After they are cooled down some, roll out the crescent roll dough flat and cut it up into 16 parts even.  May seem a little small, but no worries!

After that, grab one of the burgers, a piece of cheese cut to size of the mini burger, take one square of the crescent roll and wrapp it up!

I tent to wrap the entire mini burger so none of the cheese leaks out.  You may need to stretch the crescent roll dough some, if it breaks, just squeeze that part back together!

Once all the burgers are wrapped up, put them on to a greased cookie sheet and cook like the crescent roll directions say.

Little time consuming as we have to cook twice, but OH SO WORTH IT.  Make a bunch, through the left over into the fridge, they re-heat nicely in the microwave.  I tend to snack on them cold, they are just as great!