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My New Chips!!1

So I am all kinds of hella excited over here. I just got my poker chips in on Friday and I LOVE THEM!!!  I really have to give it up to Hartness, AKA, PokerStage, one of my cohorats from Charlotte.  You can actually read his Poker Blog here.

Talking with John over email about which poker chip set I shpudl go with, he CLEARLY mentioned, that I better not go with the standard dice or “aces” style that everyone has.  He suggested looking at  And so I did and I found these beauties to the left.  Check them out here.  I bought them by the piece as it was cheaper.  I got just over 1000 chips, I got 50 extra pieces as those are going to be my “high roller” chips!

I did not get a case.  BUT, I have designed one to be made out of wood that my father, grandpa and I are going to work on at the end of the month while we are in the UP michichan.  So once I have that done, I will certainly pass along the images and blue prints.

OH Yeah, I also plan on adding custom inlays after awhile and I have something designed.  John also got me intouch with a gent that does this ass well….