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Nader in Nov…… DC ?!?

ralph_nader I had an appointment in downtown yesterday and like usual when I visit this person, I park at Union Station and just walk the 2 and half blocks to their office. Well, on my way back to the car, going through Union Station where you catch the trains, at the Hudson Newspaper stand there was Ralph Nader signing copies of his new book.

I have always liked Nader only becaue he is a Wisconsin fan.  Well, since it was about 5:30pm and all hell was breaking out because of rush hour, people tring to catch trains and so forth, all I was able to do was snag a photo.

While I pondered getting a book of his and an autograph, better judgement kicked it.  Thye were selling his book at FACE value.  Talk about a rip off!

Sorry Ralphie boy, $45 bucks for you book was not worth it, on the other hand a free photo was worth the stop!