CV of Justin Lang

Never fails

It never EVER fails. Every single time I fly to Vegas, there are a group of jackasses going out to “break the bank”. My favorite part about these idiots is their drink habits on the flight. Yeah, I know it is exciting and at least a four hour flight. But you are going to get wasted on the plane… AT 7am!?!? You do know that we get into Vegas at 9am right? What a way to start off. You do realize once you begin to gamble at ANY casino they GIVE you alcohol. Get a fucking clue jackasses.
Som day I wash to ride out and back with the same group. I want to see there disappointed faces as they take the flight of shame home and have to explain to their wives that the kids won’t be going to college because of daddy’s bender in vegas.
This is why I have my earphones in throughout the flight. Even though there is no music. Anything to help drown out the hopping and hollering about going to Vegas.
I wish you well gentlemen. May Vegas be kind to you. But if you lose your ass, don’t cry to me Argentina. A city like this didn’t popup out of no where.