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New Dell Mini

Why on earth am I posting about a dell computer you may be asking yourself.  While I totally hate windows and everything it stands for, I still love a good computer design.

When I had to get a new computer for work, I asked for the smallest, lightest notebook I could find.  And I found the dell D420.  Not only is it a wide screen notebook, (yeah, only 12.2″) but it wieghs just 3lbs.  And no it doesn’t have a CD-Rom of any kind.  But honestly, I have had this thing for over two years now and never, EVER have I been out on the road and needed my CD-ROM drive.  I do have a huge brick back at the office that pretends to be a CD-ROM, so that is where I install things from a CD, back at the office.

SO…. Doing some blog reading, over at engadget, I found out about Dells new “Mini-Inspiron” and MAN, it’s kinda sexy!  But again, it is running windows.  I wonder what the spec’s are, none are mentioned over at the engadget post, can it compare to the MBA????