CV of Justin Lang

New Diet Plan

lose_itI just recently started a new diet.  I realized that yes, I am over weight and technically obess according to my BMI.  I really don’t have a specific diet plan other then using an iPhone app, Lose It! that I got for FREE.

Basically I enter all my information and based on how much I want to lose, it tells me how many calories I can eat a day. Which is 2088.  Then if I exersice, it gives me back some calories based on the activity.  So my goal is to eat no more then 1875 calories a day.  I deducted some to jump start the process a little.

So what I did was start off with my current weight starting monday which was 248.  Then I just track all the food I take in and if I do any excersising.  I also put in my weight for each day.  I have actually been doing pretty well with staying pretty close to my total intake for the day.  But I have noticed that I am snacking less and waiting for lunch or dinner and watching what I eat.

I am proud to say, as of this morning I am at 241.5 pounds.  Now, it this due to the watching what I eat?  I don’t know.  But if I continue to see improvement like this, I am going to reach my goal of 180 in no time!