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New Dock Icon


I just completed a tutorial on how to create my own dock icons for stack folders.  I have a folder with alias’s to my Adobe CS4 programs for quick launch off to the right.  While the “stack” looked alright on the dock, I wanted to have a custom icon showing what is in that stack.

Creating the image was the easy part, getting it to show with a transparent background is what rattled my brain for over half and hour. Here is a what the new icon, Adobe Bin, looks like in my dock.


If you would like to use that icon, please feel free to download it here. Changing the icon is as simple as command + I to get more info on the folder that you want to change the icon of.  And then dragging the Adobe Bin icon on the folder icon on the top left.

My next step is to create icons for the other stacks that I have there on my dock.  Very simliar fashion to the Adobe Bin.

UPDATE: Noticed that you could not download the icon file, so I have put it into a zip file for download here.