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New Section: Apple Notebook Watch

I am going to be starting a new section here on my blog called Apple Notebook Watch.  I was thinking about calling it the MacBook Air Watch because I am watching for when a speed bump will happen on that line.  But there seems to be some pretty interesting rumors going on about the other notebooks that apple is producing.

Over at, I stumbled accross this article that mentions that the MacBook and Macbook Pro lines might be getting a case re-design as well as a speed bump here in the future.  One thing that has me puzzeled is the reference to a GLASS track pad?!?!?  How is that going to work?  Isn’t their a fear of it breaking due to a drop or something like that?  It worries me!

So, why track all of the Apple Notebooks?  While my Mac Roadmap includes the MacBook Air in the future, I may be persuaded to change directions if something more “interesting rolls around.  So, keep up with me and the rumor mills on the Notebook line from apple!