CV of Justin Lang

Nikon D4 Camera

Last week, my favorite camera manufacture announced a new DLSr, the Nikon D4.  I know what is going to happen next. Renee will read this and think I am nuts. Yes, I want this camera. At $6k, it might be a WAY future investment.  But it is a pretty sweet camera!

I won’t bother going over the details or what makes this camera so sweet.  Anyone with an interest in photography will know why.  Just know that it is a huge step forward in quality and gear. If you have any interest in the camera, check it out on Nikon’s website.

It’s not just an investment in the camera body it’s self, but the new lens as well.  Being that the D80 is a DX sensors and the D4 is an FX sensor.  So yeah… just a bit of investment overall!