CV of Justin Lang

Oh No, What Have I Done!

I received a txt from my father this morning.  He wanted to setup a blog for his Around The World Trip that he is taking this Spring.  “Oh yeah, no problem!”  After setting it up, I thought to myself… “Dear god, what have I done?!?” I am unleashing the beast of my fathers ramblings and food photos to the world in real time on his personal blog.

I want to apologize to everyone in advance.  You will see WAY to many photos of plates of food from my fathers travels.  I’m sorry! Though, some do look delicious, three quarters of his travel photos are of food.  NOW, there is nothing wrong with that.  Food is a passion of his and he enjoys it.  Hell, I enjoy food, but not like him.

I say all of this but I am proud of him.  He is taking yet another step into the digital age and keeping us up-to-date in real time with his blog.  Rather then quick txt to close family during the trip and sending all of the photos at the end of the trip, he plans to keep us updated during the trip.  I am pretty excited!

You can follow my fathers ramblings and Around the World Trip on his blog at