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Other World Computing is Out of the World

Back when I first purchased my Mac Pro, I mentioned that my personal shopper, Mike recommend that I get the bare bones system and use OWC or Other World Computing to purchase any upgrades.

Well the other day I had to log into my windows XP system running on parallels on the Mac Pro.  I noticed that it was eating 3/4 of my 2 gigs of ram up and slowing down the machine.  That broke the camels back, I had to upgrade the Mac Pro.

I logged onto and found 4 gigs of ram (2 dims of 2 gigs matched!) for $159.95!!  It’s all apple qualified and ready to go out of the box.  So I ordered it up and got it on Friday.  OWC included a sheet on how to upgrade the ram in the Mac Pro and everything.  Now I am still a little confused on the placement and all that when it comes to the Mac Pro ram, but I’l deal with upgrading more and placement on the two boards later.

So the MP now has a blistering 6 gigs of ram!!!  I am not even half full on the possible memory upgrades!!!  I still have 26 gigs of ram possible!!!! Fuking awesome!!1

Just another mild step in complting my 101 list!