CV of Justin Lang

Recovering nicely… So far

So I got my wisdom teeth pulled out at 7:30am this morning. So far, I am doing pretty well. The only things I can’t do as normal is eat whatever I want and talk. So afterwe got back this morning, I got a chance to work on my iTunes and watch a movie or two. I did try to eat some chicken soup with noodles. Noosles did’t work so well, but it helped.
So Finially I laid down to listen to some john Grisham and rest. Got a nice little nap in there too! So I woke up around 2ish and sent out some quick emails for work. Then I made the mistake of looking at the weather on my iPhone. I am missing out on a great day here in dc! But if I have sacrifies one good day to have the rest of my life withbout tooth pain, I’ll take it!